Urgent Loan in 10 minutes

The company is specialized in the granting of small loans and processed very quickly ( in just 15 minutes they make the requested deposit in your bank account). If you are the first time you hire you can ask for up to 300 euros but if you have already been a client at other times you can request up to 900 euros.

It is distinguished because the return period you choose it according to your needs and circumstances can range from 1 day to 31 days.

For all these qualities is one of the fast online loans that better opinions have on the part of people who usually apply for credits online.

It is a Spanish company based in Barcelona that has broken into the credit market with a great boom in the concession of mini-credits.

How to apply for loans

On the cover of the website there is a supersingle form where you enter the amount of money you need and the time to return it . Automatically the system calculates how much money you will have to pay back (loans plus interest and fees)

In the next screen you must fill in a few personal details such as name and surname, ID, email account and enter a secret word so you can access your personal account on the platform of .

A very important fact to keep in mind that it is not necessary to submit a payroll or endorsement to be granted the loan.

Once you have filled in the form, the staff of examines the application and if everything is in order in less than 15 minutes you have transferred the requested amount to your bank account.

It is one of the companies that makes the whole process easier and does not require the presentation of payroll or endorsement and without any paperwork, everything is done very quickly and online.

It is not the only financial company specialized in the granting of urgent credits that DOES NOT require the justification of regular income, there are others such as the quick credit that is reaching a large popularity quota with the consumer.

How do I return the loan?

How do I return the loan?

At the appointed day, the financial company will charge you the corresponding debit card linked to your bank account. Although if you want to save money you can anticipate the payment without having to reach the maximum time agreed.

What penalties do you have if you do not return the loan on time?

This type of loan should be used with a “head” for specific cases of lack of liquidity, not as a normal rule to finance you. Since you have to be aware that by the deadline you will have to return the agreed amount at the time of the request.

If you can not return the money, you will have a penalty of 20 euros and interest will be increased by 1%. And even if after 90 days you do not comply , they will proceed to enroll you in the list of defaulters .